What to Expect

What are the services like?

Our services are a simple attempt to connect people to God and each other. We will have announcements that share some news about family and then the service will involve singing, praying, a scripture reading, sermon and every week participation in the Lord’s Supper.

How Should I Dress?

First, we should always remember that God is more concerned with our heart than our external dress. When coming to our services you will find people dressed in suits and dresses, business “casual” and in blue jeans and a nice shirt. Probably on a typical Sunday you will find most people dressed in a business causal such as normal non-jean pants and a button-down shirt or polo.

What Do You Have for My Children?

At our Sunday school time we have classes for children. The classes are broken into age groups. Our k-5 grade age group participate in a unique way of learning in which they learn about God using drama, video, computers, art and other forms of teaching.
During our services, we provide a program we call “Bible Hour” in which children ages 3 years through K attend a bible class specifically designed for them while the adults participate in the service. We have a nursery for those chidlren younger than 3 years of age. At the back of the auditorium we have another nursery area where mothers or fathers can take care of the needs of their small child and even rock them while still being able to watch the service and hear what is being said.