Martha's Ministry

Martha’s Ministry is the given name for the Fairview Heights Church of Christ’s ladies’ ministry.

Martha’s ministry exists to serve the members of our congregation, deepen our faith in Bible study, and grow in friendship with ladies of all ages and backgrounds. The committees that are currently active in serving the needs of our members are: Shower Celebrations, Ladies Day/ Retreat, Visitation Committee, Bread Baking, and Funeral Meals. We also organize a ladies Bible study that meets during the fall and spring every other Tuesday morning and night. This Bible study is a more in depth study with homework and discussion. We also include time for prayer and sharing of struggles. We are planning a new mentoring program to start this fall/winter. Our ladies like to spend time together, so we also try to have fun activities planned once a month. Some examples are bike rides, game nights, home and garden tours, etc. There is a place for you in Martha’s Ministry, and we would love to have you join us.

If you have an interest in the ministry, please contact Jana Ritzel.