Leadership Training for Christ

Throughout the year, we have a few different events that are for the kids to take part in.

In March, kids from 3rd-12th grade can take part in LTC (leadership training for Christ). LTC is a great event to help children learn about one specific book in the Bible. There are many different things the kids can take part in for LTC. Plays (skits), Bible verse reading, singing, etc… After many days of practice, the kids get to take a trip to Indianapolis, IN for the weekend to show off how much they have learned and see old friends. There are many great friendships that have resulted from spending time at LTC.

Leadership Training for Christ is an organization designed to stimulate and encourage spiritual, mental, and social growth among young men and women in grades three through twelve. Its mission is to achieve this growth by developing skills in leadership, Bible knowledge, and Christian service.

Skill development in each of these areas will be accomplished through participation in a variety of individual and group events. These events will take place within the context of a wholesome and supportive environment designed for the purpose of fostering enthusiasm and high achievement among the participants.