Clothing Closet

The Clothing Closet is a ministry of the Fairview Heights Church of Christ. Clothes are given away for FREE to anyone who needs them. Anyone is welcome to come and look for clothes. They are sorted and displayed to make it easy for individuals to find the sizes they need.

In 2004, a garage behind the church building was expanded and remodeled to house this expanding ministry. The new facility provides more display room for the clothing.

The Clothing Closet is open certain Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It is generally closed on Holiday weekends. The dates are normally posted on the sign in the front of the church building and are always posted on the main page of this website.

Donations of clothing are greatly appreciated. On the north side of the church building is a large white wooden container where you may drop clothes for the closet. The items are then sorted and placed on shelves and racks. We accept donations of all clothing types, including shoes, belts and purses. Due to space limitations we cannot accept furniture, house-wares and toys.