Educational Programs for Children

The Bible education of our families is of the utmost importance. We offer Bible classes for children of all ages each Sunday morning before our worship assembly and on Wednesday nights. From birth all the way through school age and beyond, we have a Bible class for everyone in your family!

Bible Hour

Bible Hour is designed to encourage family participation in worship and also facilitate age- appropriate venues for growth, children age 3 through kindergarten are invited to participate in Children’s Bible Hour during the sermon. It’s a great opportunity for interactive bible learning and application for the children that also allows the parents to enjoy and be encouraged by one of our ministers during the sermon. Chilrden will get to sing, watch movies about the Bible, enjoy a snack, and do some crafts…all kinds of fun stuff while learning about the Bible! You and your children will love Bible Hour.


During our worship assembly, we have a dedicated area for nursing mothers and a staffed nursery for children to use so that the parents can fully participate in worship.

Rotation Workshop

Welcome to a marvelous new model for children’s education. In this model, children will rotate to different workshop rooms each week. In each location they will approach the Bible story using different media that would stimulate all eight “intelligences.” These can be summarized as “word smart”, “math smart”, “picture smart”, “physically smart”, “music smart”, “people smart”, “self-smart”, and “nature smart’. The children remain with the same story for four to five weeks. By exploring Bible truths through storytelling/drama, art projects, video theatre, games, and computers, we believe Bible truths will take root in children’s minds and hearts.